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Author of The Triumvirs fantasy series, the Spirit Wind supernatural thriller series, and various short stories; creator and host of the In Faith Podcast; and self-publishing consultant


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Kin-singing. A word that Keebo Burami, earth-wizard and gardener-extraordinaire, hates to hear. At the time and place of a murder, the kin-song—lyrics from ages past—enables him to see the ghostly vision of a victim’s final moments.


Now, he must perform this kin-song for the heir-apparent of the Clanaso Islands, Jonkar Terose. Unbearable enough to see the moment he failed as Protector, Keebo’s journey to track down the clues to Jonkar’s murderer will also bring him face-to-face with the countless victims of pride, betrayal, oppression, and suicide.

When Catie convinces a mercenary trio to let her join their quest for the legendary Berkarfor, she believes she has been given one more chance to rid the world of Roth’s vile existence. But long before she can pursue this desperate attempt, she begins to uncover a secret about her own past that could change her perspective about everything.


Forced to travel with those she should hate, she may discover the will to forgive.

Cursed with left-handedness, Rae-Anna tries to find refuge and sanctification in the convent outside Holden. But before she can take vows as a Sister of the order, a chance encounter in the catacombs starts her on a course strange to the Sisters and terrifying to her. To set things back to rights, she'll need to figure out why the blue fire alights her cursed hand—and how she can be rid of it.

But the harder she tries, the more it seems it will not leave until she does what it requires—and neither she nor the Sisters know exactly what that is.

On the verge of losing all control of his future, an insecure orphan named Haydren must join forces with a medley of friends foolish enough to think that they may succeed in defeating Lasserain, the strongest mage history has ever seen. As fate continues to twist his every step, he must find the courage to choose his own path before the Provinces fall under the power of the darkness brought on by Lasserain’s sinister designs.

About By Ways Unseen

"Daniel Dydek has really raised the level of fantasy with this novel. ...A wonderful take on fate and the way our choices and actions affect our lives."

C. Gonzales, The Indie Express


About The First to Forgive


"I was immersed in the story immediately. The descriptions are so vivid, I could see the people and landscapes, hear the voices, feel the textures."

Amazon Reviewer

About The One Known

"⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ... I have loved all three books of this series so far, and it's clear that the author is weaving an even grander overall story deeply connected to all of us. I can't wait to read what comes next!"

Genna Frederick, Amazon Reviewer

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