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Author of The Triumvirs fantasy series and various short stories; creator and host of the In Faith Podcast; and self-publishing consultant


Daniel Dydek’s Latest Releases


The third, thrilling installment of The Triumvirs series is here! Set in the Clanaso Islands on Oren's equatorial line, these lands are like none we've seen before—with characters to match. Keebo Burami is an earth wizard who uses his profound and hard-learned powers to maintain the Islands' lushest home garden. But he hides a deeper power, one that will help him find the murderer of the Prince—even if that murderer is his friend...

Shokalog—Kal, to Keebo and no one else—one of the native race called Anoe. As the Rinc Nain moved into the Islands hundreds of years ago, the Anoe found themselves herded further and further from their ancestral homes until settling on the blasted and infertile island of Berola. Powerless to reclaim their lands and heritage, they may have enough motive to have killed the Prince who had once promised to help them. Of course, it could also be...

Tirtar, father of a young woman who committed suicide when her affections were spurned by the Prince; the deep-water ships guild, when their contracts were suddenly threatened; or perhaps the shallow-water ships guild, when their contracts failed to materialize.

One thing is certain: the deeper Keebo digs, the more tangled becomes the tragedy surrounding the assassination of the heir apparent, and the Prince to whom Keebo had been pledged as Protector.

Oh, and it seems there's more than a handful of folks who want Keebo dead as well. If only he can avoid them while desperately seeking to undo his greatest follies...

Oh, have we not mentioned those?

About By Ways Unseen

"Daniel Dydek has really raised the level of fantasy with this novel. ...A wonderful take on fate and the way our choices and actions affect our lives."

C. Gonzales, The Indie Express


About The First to Forgive


"I was immersed in the story immediately. The descriptions are so vivid, I could see the people and landscapes, hear the voices, feel the textures."

Amazon Reviewer

About The One Known

"⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ ... I have loved all three books of this series so far, and it's clear that the author is weaving an even grander overall story deeply connected to all of us. I can't wait to read what comes next!"

Genna Frederick, Amazon Reviewer

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