The Triumvirs series

     Centuries ago, the world of Oren was ravaged by uncontrolled magic during the Wizards War. In the wake of such devastation and evil, the God of All took three wizards who had kept themselves holy, who had led the evil magic-users back into order, and brought them away from the world. He established for them a Room, of darkness and consciousness, and placed before them a great table whose appearance is of translucent slate, through which they might call up visions of the lands. Through this table they may not only see, but hear; and, when action is called for, they move through one of the four elements and into the minds of men and women. They were given ability to guide their thoughts, to speak to them, and—at great need—appear to them in human form. Their appearance is quickly forgotten, but their words remain fast in the minds of those to whom they speak. Few even know these former wizards exist, and their work will always be credited to brave men and women of the world who were faithful in their obedience.


     These wizards' task is keeping the peace, of prompting action against the forces of evil; they answer still to the God of All, but retain autonomy. And they are granted long life, but not perpetual existence. When one's time is near its end, they must search and find their replacement; if they pass on before this is accomplished, the highest-ranking wizard remaining will find one for them. Always there must be three, and no wizards with affinity for the same two elements may serve together. In this way, the God ensures continued diversity and discretion in the manner through which these three wizards affect the course of history. He named them The Triumvirate; and over the centuries twenty-two Triumvirs have guided Oren through wars, famines, pestilences, and the rising and falling of countless empires. Now, in this current Age of men, will come their most difficult battle.


It begins in Burieng, with a young swordsman named Haydren . . .

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"Daniel Dydek has really raised the level of fantasy with this novel. ...A wonderful take on fate and the way our choices and actions affect our lives."

C. Gonzales, The Indie Express

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ "I was immersed in the story immediately. The descriptions are so vivid, I could see the people and landscapes, hear the voices, feel the textures."

Amazon Reviewer

His past forgotten,

his future taken away…


And in the present, the Provinces are falling. From the south, the immortal Knights of Galessern raid. From the north, the trees of the Kalen Woods have awoken, and are hungry for their second city. And from the east, Haydren Loren flees a childhood bully whose hate is now fully grown, and capable of murdering his way to becoming the Earl.


Haydren might find safety in the west. Or, he may find himself suddenly forced on a suicidal mission: face and defeat Lasserain, the strongest mage history has ever seen.


His quest is joined by a medley of friends foolish enough to think they might succeed: Geoffrey, a former knight of Rinc Na who betrayed his country and friends, now seeks forgiveness through this final, desperate act; Sarah, a sorceress who will do anything to prove she is worthy; and Pladt, the famed archer whose only wish is to travel as far and wide as his name.


The God only knows the ways they must go—He, and a voice in Haydren’s head that is constantly growing louder.


Insanity. Capture. Death. All roads seem doomed for failure. But they must quickly choose a path, for Lasserain’s full fury is descending, and no one else has been able to stop it.

To get revenge, she’ll have to champion her enemy’s cause…


Catie’s first attempt to avenge her husband’s death at Roth Kamdellan’s hand failed. Thrown out into winter’s night, she expects a swift death—until a piercing orange light and keening wail on the wind stirs in her the irresistible will to go on. Vague, but insistent, it seems to call her northward.

Gabriel and Deuel, famous in the mercenary world, have been summoned by Roth to help the revolutionary army advance, and aid in the overthrow of Andelen’s ruler. To do this, they must find the Berkarfor, four hidden goblets that legends say will give the drinker untold power. The mercenary team is accustomed to working alone; but Roth’s protégé, Rodigger, is sent along to ensure the mission’s success—and to be a pain in Gabriel’s side.

When Catie convinces the trio to let her join their quest, she believes she has been given one more chance to rid the world of Roth’s vile existence. But long before she can pursue this desperate attempt, she begins to uncover a secret about her own past that could change her perspective about everything.

Forced to travel with those she should hate, she may discover the will to forgive.



It’s a word that Keebo Burami, earth-wizard and gardener-extraordinaire, hates to hear. At the time and place of a murder, the kin-song—lyrics from ages past—enables him to see the ghostly vision of a victim’s final moments.


Now, he must perform this kin-song for the heir-apparent of the Clanaso Islands, Jonkar Terose. Unbearable enough to see the moment he failed as Protector, Keebo’s journey to track down the clues to Jonkar’s murderer will also bring him face-to-face with the countless victims of pride, betrayal, oppression, and suicide.


But it’s the first that may be his undoing, as he races against the destruction of a people whose pride has been all but stripped from them, and desperately evades being murdered himself for the consequences of his own pride.


In his quest for truth, too many ghosts may return from their graves, threatening not only the Islands, but all of Oren. In the face of so much unknown, Keebo will finally have to turn to the one known to find anchor in the storms now spreading across the world.

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