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Self-publishing can be a daunting task—but oh, so rewarding! No longer the exclusive domain of those with thousands of dollars, through Amazon you can upload and publish your book for free—provided you can format your file correctly, provide the requisite information, and either know or be able to figure out how to do it all. And then you have to convince strangers that your book is worth their time and money. Not just a few strangers, like finding an agent—actually, you’ll have to convince each and every buyer.


See what I mean by daunting?


We’re here to help. We’ve both been there, and through it, multiple times. We’ve taken courses, read books, listened to podcasts, and done the work, so you don’t have to. (Well, you still should do some of that, but you don’t have to.) Whether you’re a one-time author, just looking to get a copy of your manuscript to hold and maybe give some copies to family and friends; or whether you’re looking to launch a self-publishing career, we’ve got lots of resources for you—from formatting, editing, proofreading, and publishing guidance to marketing recommendations and quick guides to some of the best content out there, and at reasonable prices.


What’s reasonable? Consider that self-publishing through a small press can cost upwards of several thousands of dollars; and yet, at our current pricing for the Level 4 package (see more below) a novel the size of my own fantasy book, By Ways Unseen, at 133,000 words (around 400 pages) would cost you a grand total of around $450 including cover art.


I call that reasonable. You won’t receive all the depth of what those self-publishers offer—we’re just starting out, after all, and don’t have the team of editors and marketers that they do; but we do guarantee a finished and published product better than what you have now, and with as much hassle removed as possible.


Ready to get started? Read through the resources below, and send a quick email letting us know you’re interested, and we’ll get started—and you, too, can see your book in print and on Amazon in short order.


One quick final note: we do care about the things our names are attached to, so we may decline to work on your project for any of a number of reasons—we hope you understand if we retain that right.


Daniel Dydek holds a Certificate of Completion from Long Ridge Writers Group, a BA in English Writing from Geneva College, has been writing since 1993, and self-publishing since 2018. Since completing his degree in 2013 he has continued to self-teach on writing and publishing practices.


Erin Dydek holds a Certificate of Completion of General Proofreading: Theory and Practice from Proofread Anywhere, and is a Bronze Member of The Christian PEN. She has been a book reviewer for Online Book Club since 2019, and continues to self-teach on proofreading skills and practices.


Maybe $450 still sounds like a lot—it’s certainly not nothing! Or maybe you’re a motivated self-starter, who just needs a few resources to get going. These next couple links are for you! Click the button below to download your free PDF now.

One-Time Author Resources are for those just looking to publish one book—you only need to know how to format your manuscript, and upload it to Amazon KDP. You’ll find those and some other helpful links here.

For those looking to make a career out of self-publishing, you’ll find those links as well as links to even more publishing, marketing, and podcast resources and information in these Full-Time Author Resources.

If you’ve gone through them all and decide maybe you do want some help, simply come back and fill out the contact form below, and we’ll get started!


Below you’ll find four levels of paid packages. Every package includes a free initial consultation, when we’ll discuss what your vision is for your project, and which package might best fit your needs for your budget, as well as recommendations for cover artists if needed (we do not yet personally provide those services). Once we’ve settled on which services you want, we’ll send an invoice to be paid at the end of the project via PayPal; or, to pay by check, we’ll ask for half up front, and the remainder upon successful completion for every package except the first (that one you’ll pay once we’re done no matter how you choose to pay).


(All amounts below are in US dollars. Rates and pricing is subject to change without notice, but will be locked in upon confirmation of the package.)



This package is for those whose manuscript is already formatted for KDP—maybe you’ve gotten a friend or family member to do it for you, or you’re not looking for a particular style and just want to hold a physical copy of your book. At this level, for a flat rate of $30.00, we’ll get together on a Zoom call, where I’ll take you to the Amazon KDP website and go step-by-step through each field. By the end of the call (usually about an hour), you will hit Publish on either or both paperback and Kindle versions of your manuscript. Amazon may take up to three days to approve your work and make it available, but at that point it will just be a matter of waiting—no more effort on your part is needed!



Now we’re getting more serious—you have a manuscript you love, but want a little extra polish without breaking the bank. With this package, you get all the services of Levels 1 and 2, with the addition of a basic editing read-through. This editing will not replace the level of work of a dedicated editor (developmental, line, or copy—we can discuss more about these during your free consultation call, if you have questions). What you will get is an experienced and practiced eye looking at the mechanics of your story (if fiction), grammar, and spelling, and returning it with comments and changes tracked through Microsoft Word. Once you’ve approved the changes, and done any revisions you choose based on my comments, you’ll return it for formatting, and we’ll continue the process as detailed in Level 2. Cost for this package is the flat rate of $30.00 for upload to Amazon KDP, the variable rate of $0.80 per chapter for formatting, and a variable rate of $0.0013 per word for editing. Now, your 20-chapter, 50,000-word book (for example) will cost $111.00.



This package is for those who want their book to look closer to a traditionally-published book, or even other well-formatted self-published books on Amazon. Once you’ve selected this package, you will send me your manuscript in either Microsoft Word or Apple Pages, and I’ll take care of the rest. When I’ve finished, I’ll return the file to you all ready to go, and we’ll go through the Zoom call detailed in the Level 1 package. Level 2 cost is the flat rate of $30.00 to upload, and a variable rate of $0.80 per chapter for formatting—so if your manuscript is 20 chapters, that’ll be an additional $16.00 to format, bringing your total cost to $46.00.



We understand: you want the best thing you can get on a budget—and this is where you’ll get it. At Level 4, you'll receive all the services and prices of the previous three packages; now, though, once I’ve finished formatting your book, I’ll hand it off to Erin to proofread. She’ll be checking my formatting to make sure I didn’t miss an indented paragraph, as well as spelling- and grammar-checking all the edits we’ve both made, making sure the file we upload to Amazon is as polished as three people can make it (the both of us, and you!). Cost for this package is the flat rate of $30 for uploading to Amazon KDP, the variable rates of $0.80 per chapter and $0.0013 per word for formatting and editing, and 20% off Erin's proofreading rate at $0.0008 per word. So, assuming we’ve kept a nice and neat 20 chapter, 50,000-word manuscript, your total cost for editing, formatting, proofreading, and uploading to Amazon KDP will be $151.00.


Ready to get started? Simply fill out the contact form linked below: you’ll receive an automated email with a few initial questions about your manuscript, where I ask you to give me some contact information, and a few best-times to call. (It’s okay to have a crazy schedule: we’ll work out an actual time and date to talk, I’m just looking for generally good times, like Mondays after X o’clock, or weekends from X to Y o’clock, and we’ll sort it out from there.) During that call—about 30 minutes long—we’ll discuss in more detail what your project is and what your vision is for it. Once you’ve agreed to a package, I’ll send you another email with a basic contract with instructions to sign and return, and the invoice for the planned work for your records. Once we’ve received the signed contract, your rates are locked in; the actual cost may still vary based on word-count or chapter changes made and/or agreed upon by you, the author. (Note that the proofreading rate will be based upon the edited and formatted document—if the changes you’ve made in editing increase or decrease your word count, this cost will vary with that amount, not the word count at the start of the project. If you’ve selected the Level 4 package, that invoice will also include a note regarding the variable rate for the proofreading package.) A final invoice for all except Level 1 packages will be sent, reflecting the actual cost once the project is complete and uploaded to Amazon KDP (for Level 1, the initial invoice will count as the final invoice).


We look forward to working with you, and helping you make a reality what may have been just a dream or an idea until now. Click the Get Started button below to choose the adventure!