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Welcome to Beorn Publishing!


Launched in 2022 as the publishing imprint for Daniel Dydek’s Triumvirs series, Beorn Publishing also provides consulting, editing, formatting, proofreading, and some marketing services to aspiring indie writers. For more information, see our list of services below. Or, if you’re ready to get started, click the Get Started link to request a quote!


One quick final note: we do care about the things our name is attached to, so we may decline to work on your project for any of a number of reasons—we hope you understand if we retain that right.

Daniel Dydek

Formatting, Editing, Consultation

Daniel Dydek holds a Certificate of Completion from Long Ridge Writers Group, a BA in English Writing from Geneva College, has been writing since 1993, and self-publishing since 2018. Since completing his degree in 2013 he has continued to self-teach on writing and publishing practices.

Erin Profile_edited.jpg

Erin Dydek

Proofreading, Marketing

Erin Dydek holds a Certificate of Completion of General Proofreading: Theory and Practice from Proofread Anywhere. She has been a book reviewer for Online Book Club since 2019, continues to self-teach on proofreading skills and practices, and has recently taken over most of the marketing for The Triumvirs and Spirit Wind.


One-Time Author Resources are for those just looking to publish one book—you only need to know how to format your manuscript, and upload it to Amazon KDP. You’ll find those and some other helpful links here.

For those looking to make a career out of self-publishing, you’ll find those links as well as links to even more publishing, marketing, and podcast resources and information in these Full-Time Author Resources.


Below is a list of paid services—most are billed on a per-word basis, others are a one-time fee. Any quotes received via email will be subject to change based on final wordcount, though should only fluctuate by a few dollars.


(All amounts below are in US dollars. Rates and pricing are subject to change without notice, but will be locked in upon confirmation of service.)



A quick way to distinguish a polished book from an amateur book is formatting. We will take your raw manuscript, unify fonts according to industry standards, create clean and attractive chapter titles, and add page headers and footers with page numbers and your choice of book, author, or chapter information, making your book look straight from a professional printer. Cost for this service is per chapter; a 20-chapter book will cost $16.00 to format.



In traditional publishing, there are multiple layers of editing: developmental, line, copy, and proofreading. This service combines the first three into a general package. We will read through your manuscript with Track Changes and Comments, and return to you for approval and revisions. This level of editing is NOT as thorough as purchasing the individual service from a specialized editor, but it will improve your manuscript from its current form. Cost for this service is per word; a 50,000 word novel will cost $65.00 to edit.



Once your book is ready to publish—either you’ve taken advantage of our formatting and editing services, or are simply ready to upload to Amazon—we recommend our proofreading services by our highly dedicated and experienced proofreader. She’ll not only catch many spelling, punctuation, and grammar errors, but will also remember if your character was named Ashlee in chapter one, and reappears in chapter twenty as Ashley. Cost for this service is per word; a 50,000 word novel will cost $260.00



Once we have an upload-ready file, and have consulted on a cover and have it in hand, we'll set up a virtual meeting to upload to Amazon for publication in every format you choose (hardcover, paperback, and Kindle). We'll walk you through choosing the right keywords, setting up pricing and distribution, and accessing and understanding your Royalty Reports—all for one flat rate of $50



We plan to begin providing marketing services in the near future, including getting your book into 10 niche-categories and providing keywords to use for your own Amazon Marketing Services campaign. Pricing and details to come.


Ready to get started? Simply fill out the contact form linked below: you’ll receive an automated email with a few initial questions about your manuscript, where I ask you to give me some contact information, and a few best-times to call. (It’s okay to have a crazy schedule: we’ll work out an actual time and date to talk, I’m just looking for generally good times, like Mondays after X o’clock, or weekends from X to Y o’clock, and we’ll sort it out from there.) During that call—about 30 minutes long—we’ll discuss in more detail what your project is and what your vision is for it. Once you’ve agreed to your services, I’ll send you another email with a basic contract with instructions to sign and return, and the invoice for the planned work for your records. Once we’ve received the signed contract, your rates are locked in; the actual cost may still vary based on word-count or chapter changes made and/or agreed upon by you, the author. (Note that the proofreading rate will be based upon the edited and formatted document—if the changes you’ve made in editing increase or decrease your word count, this cost will vary with that amount, not the word count at the start of the project.) A final invoice for all except Publishing services will be sent, reflecting the actual cost once the project is complete and uploaded to Amazon KDP (for Publishing, the initial invoice will count as the final invoice).


We look forward to working with you, and helping you make a reality what may have been just a dream or an idea until now. Click the Get Started button below to choose the adventure!

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