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Spirit Wind
supernatural thriller series

     Cursed with left-handedness, Rae-Anna tries to find refuge and sanctification in the convent outside Holden. But before she can take vows as a Sister of the order, a chance encounter in the catacombs starts her on a course strange to the Sisters and terrifying to her. To set things back to rights, she'll need to figure out why the blue fire alights her cursed hand—and how she can be rid of it.

     But the harder she tries, the more it seems it will not leave until she does what it requires—and neither she nor the Sisters know exactly what that is.

—Release date June 6, 2023.

We're looking for ARC readers!

Are you interested in being an ARC reader? Here are a few details about the book, and some notes on what being an ARC reader entails. Make sure you’re comfortable with these before requesting your copy! When you’re ready, you can read a quick sample by clicking the “Sample” button, or click the “Request ARC” button below to contact me saying “Yes! I would love an ARC copy for review, in…” (your preferred format). ARCs will be available starting February 20th. Requests will close as we get nearer publication.


  1. Title: A Fire to Kindle, Book 1 of the Spirit Wind series

  2. Genre: Supernatural Thriller/Fantasy

  3. Length: Approx. 150 print pages

  4. Format: ARC will be in epub or pdf, whichever you prefer. I cannot provide a print copy

  5. Deadline: Publication date is set for June 6, 2023. Reviews anytime are appreciated, bubt we're hoping to have most of them posted within the first week after launch.


Some extra notes:

  1. You are not required to leave a review. However, this is not intended to be an opportunity to get a free book, either; so please sign up only if you feel confident you can and will be eager to write a review in time for the first week of the release. That said…

  2. Things happen! If you are unable or unwilling to finish the book in time (or ever) feel free to write and leave a review when you’ve finished (if ever).

  3. Please leave honest comments! This is also not an attempt to shill for 5-star reviews, so only give them if merited.

  4. The review does not have to be exhaustive, but reviews of more than a sentence or two are appreciated. Ultimately, though, it is whatever you feel you want to write—and thank you!

  5. If writing a review for Amazon, please include a disclaimer at the end of the review stating: “I received a free ARC in exchange for an honest review.” This way Amazon knows I’m not just hiring people to make nice comments.


And that’s it! Click below to read the sample, or request your copy!

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