The Triumvirs fantasy series

     Centuries ago, the world of Oren was ravaged by uncontrolled magic during the Wizards War. In the wake of such devastation and evil, the God of All took three wizards—from those who had kept themselves holy, who had led the evil magic-users back into order—and brought them away from the world. He established for them a Room, of darkness and consciousness, and placed before them a great table whose appearance is of translucent slate, through which they might call up visions of the lands. Through this table they may not only see, but hear; and, when action is called for, they move through one of the four elements and into the minds of men and women. They were given ability to guide their thoughts, to speak to them, and—at great need—appear to them in human form. Their appearance is quickly forgotten, but their words remain fast in the minds of those to whom they speak. Few even know these former wizards exist, and their work will always be credited to brave men and women of the world who were faithful in their obedience.


     These wizards' task is keeping the peace, of prompting action against the forces of evil; they answer still to the God of All, but retain autonomy. And they are granted long life, but not perpetual existence. When one's time is near its end, they must search and find their replacement; if they pass on before this is accomplished, the highest-ranking wizard remaining will find one for them. Always there must be three, and no wizards with affinity for the same two elements may serve together. In this way, the God ensures continued diversity and discretion in the manner through which these three wizards affect the course of history. He named them The Triumvirate; and over the centuries twenty-two Triumvirs have guided Oren through wars, famines, pestilences, and the rising and falling of countless empires.


     Now, in this current Age of men, will come their most difficult battle.


     It begins in Burieng, with a young swordsman named Haydren . . .

"This is a world with real people (in all their fantastic ways) trying to figure out life, what the world really is, and how they fit into the greater narrative of history. ...If you like adventure, and fantasy done in a new way, this is the series for you."

     — Madelyn Rose Craig,

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"Daniel Dydek has really raised the level of fantasy with this novel. ...A wonderful take on fate and the way our choices and actions affect our lives."

     — C. Gonzales, The Indie Express

"This one is a pretty solid fantasy adventure, the kind you could come up with after a few bottles of Mountain Dew and lots of hours of Dungeons & Dragons. It certainly scratches the sword-and-sorcery itch."

     — Joe Crowe, Amazon Reviewer

"⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ A Solid High Fantasy Read...a LOTR-esque high fantasy adventure that I quite enjoyed."

     — Katelyn Buxton, Amazon Reviewer

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"I couldn't put this book down. The characters are well-developed, and I was able to feel their emotions through the descriptions. ...It carries a beautiful story with a powerful message. 4 out of 4 stars."

     — Tonika,

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